‘A New Man’ is a beautiful, funny and inspiring movie about love and loss

Chembarithi, a small village on the banks of the Brahmaputra river in northern India, is a small, poor town. 

But the town is in danger of being swallowed up by the Brahmodi river, and a local man has been living in a cave there. 

For years, this man has lived in the cave, sleeping on the river bed. 

Now, the local authorities have decided to move him to a bigger house on the hillside. 

The decision was made to protect the man’s life, and he will not be moved into the new house. 

However, he will be moved to another cave, and his new life will be disrupted. 

This is because Chembarauthi is one of only four villages on the Brah map in the world. 

These villages are surrounded by the river, so the Brahmode, a deep, narrow channel, carries a huge amount of water into Chembarahi and surrounding villages. 

As a result, the water level in the caves is rising and the cave is inundated. 

Caves are not only the home of ancient cultures, they also provide shelter and warmth to communities of people who are living on the brink of disaster. 

It is here, in the heart of Chembarbithi village, that the film ‘A Man Named Rishab’, is set. 

Rishab is a village boy from Chembabithi who has lost his mother and father. 

He lives alone, on the edge of Chemdashir village, on a hillside overlooking the Brahmati river. 

His only companion is a woman named Shastri. 

Shastri lives with Rishbir in a small house on top of a hill. 

One day, a man named Manu, comes to meet Rishs mother and asks to stay at the house.

Rishba is taken to Manu’s house.

Rishba does not know Manu well, but she is glad that Manu is willing to stay with her and her family. 

Soon, Risha and Manu begin a long and difficult journey to find the village of Chembu, which is in the Brahmana, the highest mountain range in India. 

They find it, but Manu soon realizes that Rishi is not the only one on the mountain. 

In the village, a number of people, including Rishra, have been missing for years, and they have been murdered by local villagers. 

Manu decides to return to Chemba, but Rishia is worried that she will be killed if she does not return. 

Then, Manu begins to investigate the village and finds that the people in the village are the victims of a conspiracy. 

A conspiracy, Risha decides, has been going on for many years and has been killing the people of Chemaruthi and the surrounding villages, and she will try to get the truth out of the world before it is too late. 

Chembarahi is an extraordinary film that shows how our culture can change through the lives of its people. 

I was privileged to be able to see Chembahi last week, and I am proud to say that I have witnessed one of the greatest film-makers of our times. 

Thank you to the director of Chemmabithia, Prabhat Varma, who made this film. 

You can find the complete list of awards here. 

More on Chembarrithi: India’s top Indian film festival returns to India

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