What do the Indian film industry has learnt from the US?

On Monday, the Indian Film Certification Board (IFCB) passed a decision that will pave the way for the production of several films in the country, including a new Hindi film called The Great Game. 

While the board did not specify which films would be produced, it said it had approved the film that will be released in 2019, which would be made by producer Vishal Mehra and will be produced by film-maker G.P. Muthuswamy. 

The board also said that two of the five films will be distributed by the Board of Film Certification (BFC), which will allow the production to take place. 

In addition to the films, the board also approved a project for a TV series, which will be created by actress and actress-actor Sanjay Singh. 

“We have a strong interest in making films in India.

The Indian film-making scene has been growing for many years.

We have already seen a number of films in recent years and we hope that our film-makers can achieve some good results,” said Mehra. 

According to the board, the film will be made under the banner of Mahabharat Entertainment, an Indian company that will distribute and market the film.

The board’s decision came as a huge surprise to the film industry, which has been waiting for the film to be released since July 2015.

According to IMDb, Mahabarat Entertainment was founded by Shah Rukh Khan in 2010, with the goal of promoting cinema in India, and it currently has a team of five people.

It has produced more than 1,000 films. 

With the approval of the board and the BFC, the company has been able to launch a film in the film market.

In fact, Mahabbat Entertainment is one of the few Indian companies that have released a film to the world.

It is currently making a film for its upcoming series on Netflix, in which a man-of-the-people Mahababatar will play the lead role.

The company is also currently working on a movie called Aaraj, and in June, the Mahababa Entertainment team was in New York for the World Premiere of the film and the film’s theme song.

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