How to watch ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ with your kids… and your dog

A video tutorial from filmmaker and creator of the critically-acclaimed ‘The Force Awakens,’ Michael De Luca, tells the story of how to watch the movie with your children, dog, or both.

We’re looking at the three-hour movie, which has been hailed as a cult classic by critics and fans alike, from the beginning.

But the movie’s biggest achievement comes when the kids finally get to experience it in a new light, by watching it with their dog.

“Star Wars is one of the greatest films ever made, but the most amazing part of the film is the story behind it,” De Lucan tells the crowd at his New York City premiere.

“The most amazing thing about it is that all of the characters and the story are the same people, but with a different story.”

The kids can’t help but be swept away by the Star Wars universe and its characters, as the movie opens with a scene that will forever change the way they look at the world and each other.

The opening of the movie is the start of the story.

The first scene, called “Darth Vader, Apprentice,” introduces the audience to the cast of characters: Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a few others.

The entire cast is shown playing different parts of the same story: Obi-wan Kenobi and his friend, Anakin, the Emperor’s apprentice, the new apprentice, and the Rebel Alliance’s leader, Darth Vader.

“Dhewie and I were sitting at the dining table when we saw that shot,” said actor Michael Rooker, who plays Anakin.

“We thought, Oh my god, this is it!

This is where this movie is going!”

Rookers friend, Andy Serkis, played a droid named R2-D2.

“It was a very weird feeling,” Serkides told us, “because it’s like, Wow!

It’s all so different.

And then, when you see it again, you think, Wow, it’s so similar.

It’s very, very different.”

The scene ends with Obi-wants to meet the new Rebel Alliance leader, but he ends up in an Imperial-occupied spaceport.

There, he meets the man he’s been hunting all along, a mysterious woman named Anakin Solo, played by Daisy Ridley.

“I think we’re going to be very lucky if we don’t have a lightsaber fight with Anakin,” said Ridley.

Ridley’s character, the young Princess Leia, plays a major role in the film.

She plays a pivotal role in The Force Unleashed, the first installment of the Star War franchise.

“Leia is so important to the story,” said the director, Gareth Edwards.

“When we’re shooting her, she has to be in a different place than she would normally be in.

She has to have to find her own identity, and her own place in the galaxy.”

The Rebels are the heroes of the first film, and Leia is the leader of the Rebel forces, fighting alongside Obi- and Anakin and their men.

This new scene takes place in an abandoned Rebel base called Jakku, which was destroyed by the Empire.

The story picks up after the end of “Return of the Jedi,” in which the rebels destroyed the Death Star, and they begin their journey toward the destruction of the Empire again.

“There are a lot of things in the new film that we want to do that really tell a different narrative than the last film,” said Edwards.

There’s an explosion that destroys the Death Cloud, a massive ship that was destroyed when the Empire destroyed the Jedi Temple in the first “Star War.”

There’s a moment of silence, followed by the announcement that the Rebel fleet has arrived in the Unknown Regions.

“Rebels will now face a new threat,” said director Gareth Edwards, as an image of a star-shaped, red-colored ship appears behind the camera.

“Anakin and his crew will discover that the New Republic has been defeated and that the war is lost.”

In “The Force Unleashed,” Anakin is in a space station that is destroyed by an Imperial laser, and he and Obi-Wanna are on the station when the planet below explodes.

“After the explosion, we see Anakin on a planet that looks like a planet of death,” said Director Gareth Edwards of the destruction scene.

“In the next scene, we discover the Rebel leader’s spaceship has crashed on Jakku.

In the scene before that, we also discover that he has been captured by the Sith, and that he’s in hiding on a deserted planet.”

The new film opens with scenes of a desert planet and the Death Stars, a superweapon that has been used against the Rebel fleets.

“What happens in the desert is completely different than what happens on Jakue, and there’s a lot more space between the planets, so there’s more to the world than just the

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