What If the US Sees A Nuclear Option?

National Review, the conservative journal, recently published a story titled What If The US Seeks Nuclear Option?, a story which, despite being a parody of a real article, nevertheless accurately describes the possibility that the United States might use nuclear weapons.

The piece is based on a piece by John Derbyshire, which Derbysuse wrote in response to an article by journalist Paul Berman.

Derbysus article is a parody in many ways, but I find it worth repeating because it does not take the story seriously.

The article’s premise is that it is possible that, in a nuclear war scenario, the US might choose to use nuclear devices.

The writer, Derbyside, argues that, given that, it is reasonable to assume that the US would use nuclear weapon, and that the resulting chaos could be used as leverage for negotiations, including with Russia.

If so, it would be a major step towards nuclear disarmament, which could be achieved without the use of nuclear weapons, as the nuclear arsenals of both countries would no longer be capable of producing such weapons. 

In response to the Berman article, Derbshow wrote, I do not think that it makes any sense to talk about a US “nuclear option.”

I think we can all agree that there is a very real risk that we will be plunged into a catastrophic war.

This risk is very real.

The only thing that makes this scenario any less catastrophic is the fact that the world is currently being led by a man who has spent his entire life in a bunker, in fear of a nuclear holocaust.

If the United Nations does not find a way to negotiate a ceasefire, a nuclear weapons-free world would be an incredibly bad and dangerous prospect.

I do believe that the Russian people would rather the world have nuclear weapons than a world in which the US is still at war with Russia, and the United Kingdom still maintains a nuclear arsenal. 

Derbyshire is correct that there would be many people who would prefer the world to remain peaceful, as it is a lot easier to do so if there are no nuclear weapons in the world.

In fact, Derbeshow, like many others, would argue that it would not be a good thing to have a nuclear weapon in the first place.

I think that there are many reasons to prefer a world without nuclear weapons; if nuclear weapons were no longer an option, the only remaining option would be to eliminate them. 

To me, it seems reasonable to say that the risk of nuclear war is much greater than the risk that it might not be used, and it is worth noting that the odds of using nuclear weapons are very high indeed.

For one thing, the United State has used nuclear weapons before, in the second world war and during the Korean War.

Additionally, nuclear weapons have a very long history of being used, in both the US and Soviet Union, during the Cold War, and during World War II. 

However, it does seem strange to me that it should be so difficult to persuade people that nuclear weapons should be the last option for a world of peaceful coexistence.

After all, nuclear disarmaments have been achieved many times before, including in the early 20th century and, in fact, the last time the US was at war was in 1945, after the end of the Second World War. 

It is a shame that the author does not seem to understand that a nuclear-armed world would not necessarily be a world that is a peaceful and prosperous place, and thus the world in the Berman story would not likely be a peaceful place. 

Perhaps it is more appropriate to say, in his piece, that the nuclear option is not something that should be pursued lightly. 

While it is not entirely clear, in my opinion, whether Derbesway would have been able to get the piece published if he had been aware of the parody, he could certainly have gotten the same response from the article’s author if he thought that the piece was accurate. 

I do think, however, that there should be a certain amount of caution when it comes to comparing the two articles, because the author did not know what he was talking about when he wrote his article.

I have been critical of many aspects of the American mainstream media over the years, but one thing that I have never been critical about is the American media itself.

While there are certainly things in this country that are objectively wrong and, at times, disgusting, it has always been the American press that has made mistakes that, by and large, do not affect the people in this great country. 

As a writer, it should come as no surprise that the mainstream media is far more willing to laugh at something that is actually true, or worse, that it simply refuses to take the trouble to even bother to correct itself.

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