Aussie actor James Corden is an ‘absolute monster’ on Twitter

Sky Movies star James Cordan, best known for his role as Batman in the DC Comics films, has been a frequent target of trolls on Twitter.

According to his Twitter feed, the Australian actor is a “total monster”.

He tweeted: “I just got off a plane, flew to London and am at home.

I am very excited about a big new project in Australia!”

A couple of days later, he tweeted: “#Australia: #Ducktales: My #DUCKtales #Pilot was the #SkyMovies pilot.

It is amazing to be part of this incredible franchise.

Thank you!”

The actor was one of the first Australian stars to be cast as Batman and has appeared in several films including Batman Begins, the third Batman film, as well as the two animated series, Batman: The Animated Series and Batman: Gotham Knight.

Corden’s Twitter account has been suspended several times since October, according to his Facebook page, but he is still tweeting regularly.

The actor, who has a three-year-old son, is also a regular on Twitter and is not the only one to have had a Twitter meltdown.

On January 8, a user asked if the Australian actress had had a heart attack and a few days later she was tweeting that “my heart is in the right place”.

The following day, the account was suspended after she tweeted “my #DUDUDUD is doing better.

The pain is gone.

Thank God.”

And on January 17, she tweeted: I have no idea if I am a monster or not.

But I’m definitely a monster.

Thank god.

A post shared by James Cordarne (@jamescorden) on Jan 16, 2019 at 12:50pm PST

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