When Twitter is no longer an app, it’s still a media company

Recode’s Dylan Petrohilos reports from New York City.

The headline for this story is: “When Twitter is now an app.”

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Why is this happening now?

The company says it will offer more than 1 billion active users a “Netflix-like” experience, and it has promised to build more of those features into the platform in the future.

This is all good news for those who don’t want to use the social media site to stream movies and TV shows on their phone or tablet.

But Twitter will also become more than just an app: It’s now a media organization, one that has ambitions to do big things.

The company has built a new company called MediaVault, which has ambitions of being the world’s biggest media content platform.

It will have millions of users and a network of more than 20 million publishers and content owners across the world.

But what does that mean for the people who are already using Twitter to stream content?

The answer is that Twitter won’t have a way to control that content.

Twitter’s new media platform is a completely new way for companies to manage content on its platform, but the platform will still be managed by a handful of people at Twitter.

This is a significant change for the company.

The original Twitter app was very much a tool that anyone could use.

It was a website that anyone had to register with, and users could subscribe to an app.

It had a very minimal experience.

But the app that Twitter made for itself, the one that it launched with a free version and expanded with a paid version, was very different.

It became the platform of choice for the very people who were looking to make a living as media executives.

The original app, with a handful a users.

This version has over 10 million users.

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It wasn’t a platform for sharing, it wasn’t really a platform at all.

But it’s now become a platform that lets a ton of people make a lot of money.

That’s a huge change for people who don´t want to work for a company that has a direct business relationship with the content owners or content creators on their platform.

They might want to sell advertising to them, but they also want to build a massive audience of fans that they can sell to advertisers.

That makes Twitter a platform, and that is a big change for many of its users.

The most famous Twitter users aren’t just celebrities.

They’re people who live in the same city, or they live in New York.

These people are also the people whose friends and family members are Twitter users.

Twitter has grown rapidly as a media platform in recent years, and its users have gotten more and more savvy.

But there’s another group that Twitter has not had the opportunity to reach: its users are not just fans of the company that created it.

The Twitter platform is built on a set of ideas that have been around for a long time: the idea that the social web is a more efficient and efficient medium for sharing information.

That idea has been a core part of the platform for a very long time.

In the early days of Twitter, users could send links to each other via email.

But as the service grew, the email service became less and less useful, and Twitter had to make do with text.

People would use text, but then people would start sending links back and forth, which caused the text to become fragmented and less readable.

This led to some problems: the text would start to get lost in the feed, which made it difficult to find information that was relevant to a given topic.

It took until 2016 for Twitter to introduce a new way to get news, and the company’s newsfeed became one of the most widely read on the web.

So much so that it has now become the world´s most popular news feed.

The new newsfeed makes it easier for users to find and understand the information that is relevant to them.

Twitter has also built a way for users who aren’t interested in reading content from Twitter to find news from other sources.

The site allows users to search for stories that have come out from other media outlets or news organizations, such as CNN or MSNBC.

That way, users can find content that isn’t available on Twitter, or that they have read about.

The new news feeds also make it easier to find the news that interests you.

If you follow one of these sources, you will be able to find an article or tweet about it on Twitter.

It is the same way that you find news on Facebook or other social media platforms, and you can also find articles that have gone viral.

You can find all of

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