Why Netflix has a problem with erotica: I don’t care about you movie, I’ll buy it for my daughter

Posted October 18, 2018 08:04:33This is an excerpt from a new article about the recent backlash to Netflix’s new TV streaming service called, erotico. 

Netflix has a long history of distancing itself from its erotically-oriented programming.

In 2015, Netflix announced that its original series, Orange Is the New Black, would not be made available to consumers, and a year later it pulled its first-ever comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, after the network claimed that it “inappropriately promotes a specific sexual preference or lifestyle.” 

Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, wrote in an internal memo that the company’s decision was based on a “clear distinction between erotic content and non-erotic [content] that would not otherwise be available on the service.” 

Sarandos explained in the memo that Netflix wanted to make sure that “we can’t promote inappropriate content that could impact the integrity of the product.” 

In response, Netflix released a statement saying that its content does not “promote or encourage sexual conduct” and that it has “zero tolerance” for any content that “inappropriately promotes a particular sexual preference.” 

However, a number of critics are arguing that Netflix’s content does promote the practice of erotism, and that Netflix is in violation of the BDSM Act, a 2005 law that bans consensual sexual acts between minors. 

The BDSM Act is one of several laws that outlaw “sexual misconduct,” including consensual acts between adults and minors, but critics say it has also become a tool for protecting young people from sexual abuse, and some have argued that it’s often used as a shield for abusers. 

According to a study published in 2017, one-third of American children were exposed to pornography in the first year of their lives, and most of those cases are between 11 and 16. 

And while the act has a history of being used to protect abusers, a recent study found that while the number of child victims of abuse increased in the past few years, the number who sought help from the law decreased. 

“There are a number things that Netflix, as a company, is doing to protect children, and I am very proud of that,” said David Sirota, a lawyer who specializes in BDSM law and is the author of a book on the issue.

“It’s not just that Netflix wants to protect kids.

It’s that they want to be seen as doing that, because that’s what’s so exciting about BDSM.”

Sirota pointed to the company as a prime example of the “diversification” that exists in the industry. 

He told ABC News, “We are really going to get away from a corporate monopoly in terms of our relationship to kids and sex in this country.

It really is the future of our industry, and it’s not going away.

There is no other way to do it.” 

There is no way to tell whether the BDSM industry is growing as a result of this shift, but Sirotas claims that the increase in cases is a sign of a growing awareness among the public that sexual activity between adults is harmful. 

Beside Sirotsons book on sexual abuse and BDSM, Sirotica is also the founder of a company called the Law Offices of New York, which has partnered with the law firm Perkins Coie to launch an online legal clinic to help consumers deal with BDSM abuse. 

Sirotates website, Beshop, has helped tens of thousands of New Yorkers find resources for dealing with sexual abuse.

The site’s legal team also recently launched a new video series about sexual abuse called, “How to Stop the Abuse,” in which the lawyer explains how people can protect themselves from sexual assault and how to deal with “revolving doors” when dealing with people who abuse you. 

In a statement to ABC News about the BDSL Act, Netflix said that its new streaming service “is intended to provide an alternative to traditional TV and film, and to empower consumers to access more content while also giving them the ability to find and enjoy the content they want.” 

“We know that there are millions of people who love our content and we know that we’re not alone,” Netflix’s Sarandus wrote in the company statement.

“We recognize that there is no silver bullet to combat sexual abuse in our industry and that many people may have felt abandoned by Netflix. 

But the truth is, we have a responsibility to our customers, and we’ve always said we are committed to giving them access to the content that they’ve come to expect and need.” 

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